Fried Chicken Sandwich

~ Sharee


I love this Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich with Cilantro Jalapeño Coleslaw.  Crispy, juicy, flavorful fried chicken breast with a spicy buttermilk coleslaw – so good!



– all purpose flour – season salt – paprika – garlic powder – Kosher Salt – black pepper ... other Swipe up to see the full list!



StepS 1-2

– Mix the buttermilk brine ingredients together in a large bowl. Add the chicken breast to the brine. Cover the bowl. Refrigerate up to four hours. – When ready to cook the chicken breast, Pour cooking oil into a deep fryer. Heat the oil.

StepS 3-5

– Mix the flour ingredients together. – Deep the chicken breasts into the flour mixture. – Let the chicken rest for about 5 to minutes while your grease heats to the proper temperature and you chop your jalapenos and cilantro for the coleslaw.

StepS 6-7

– To make the coleslaw, mix the coleslaw buttermilk, sugar, mayonnaise, rice vinegar together in a medium bowl.  – Place chicken breast into the deep fryer and fry.

Steps 8-9

– After the chicken cooks. Let the chicken rest on a cooling rack. (The cooling rack keeps the crispy skin from getting soggy.) – Then serve.


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