Hawaiian Margaritas

~ Sharee


These Hawaiian Li Hing Mui Margaritas are a Hawaiian favorite.  It’s a spin on the classic margarita!



– simple sugar (use simple syrup recipe below) – Li Hing Mui powder – fresh squeezed lime juice – tequila ... Swipe up to see the full list!



StepS 1-2

– Mix all ingredients together, and stir. – Spread the salt or sugar evenly onto a plate. – Use one of the squeezed lime wedges to moisten the rim of the desired serving glasses.

StepS 3-5

– Then, place the serving glass upside down into the plate of salt or sugar making sure that the rim of the glass is coated with the sugar or salt. – Serve the drink over ice.


– Garnish the rim of the glasses with lime wedges and placed some sliced limes in each glass.


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