Seared Salmon & Shrimp

~ Sharee


This Seared Salmon and Shrimp with Creamy Dijon Dill Sauce is my easiest dish yet for salmon to help me get in those Omega 3’s….



You will need: – salmon fillets – garlic cloves – lemon – chopped fresh dill – salt / pepper – shrimp and shrimp seasoning – shrimp cleaned and dry – kosher salt – freshly ground black pepper – garlic powder – olive oil – unsalted butter – olive oil – dry white wine – Dijon mustard – paprika – fresh dill – heavy cream



StepS 1-4

– Turn the oven on broil. – Make sure to dry your salmon fillets with a paper towel. – After drying off the salmon season each side of the salmon very well with salt and pepper. Set the salmon to the side. – Coat shrimp with olive oil. Place shrimp on pan lined with foil. Then season the shrimp with the garlic powder, black pepper, and kosher salt.

StepS 5-8

– In a medium size sauce pan add the butter and drizzle of olive oil. Cook the butter and oil on medium heat until it melts. – Add the garlic and dill to the melted butter and olive oil. Cook until the garlic is soft. – Add the dry white wine, mustard, paprika, and heavy cream to the pan and stir mixing well. Salt and pepper to taste. Turn the heat down and cook. – While the sauce is cooking, heat a pan until it's hot.

StepS 9-12

– Add olive oil to the hot pan, then add the salmon to the pan. Cook the salmon. Remove pan from the heat source. – Before flipping the fish over, sprinkle some of the garlic and dill on the fish. Then, flip the fish over. – After flipping the fish over, sprinkle the rest of the fresh dill and garlic on top of the fish. Place the lemon slices throughout the pan on top of the fish. – Broil fish.

StepS 13-14

– Broil shrimp until shrimp are pink in color and fully cooked. – Plate the salmon on each plate then top it with the sauce and shrimp. Then serve.



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