One Pan Golden Mushroom Chicken

~ Sharee


I keep giving you these one pan / pot chicken dinners! And guess what? I have another one for you with this Golden Mushroom Chicken.  Check it out!



– chicken thighs – olive oil – garlic cloves  – dry sherry – fresh thyme – salt – pepper – can of golden mushroom soup – dry white wine – dry sherry – chicken broth – garlic cloves – fresh thyme – whole baby bella mushrooms – salt – pepper



Step 1

– Marinade the chicken. Pierce a few holes in the meat with a fork. Salt and pepper both sides of each chicken piece. Then add the marinade ingredients in a Ziploc storage bag. Add the chicken to the bag of marinade and let the chicken marinate in the refrigerator.

StepS 2-6

– Preheat oven. – Mix together some of the sauce ingredients. Set aside. – Remove the chicken from marinade and start the process of browning it. – Salt and pepper the chicken again. – Then let the chicken sit a bit.

StepS 7-10

– Heat the pan, add olive oil to the pan. – Add the chicken to the pan. – Brown the chicken on both sides until the chicken is a nice golden brown. – Remove the chicken from the pan. 

StepS 11-13

– Turn the heat off. Add the garlic and thyme leaves to the pan & let it cook until the garlic gets soft. – Add the soup mixture to the pan. Then add the chicken back to the pan. Place the whole mushrooms in the open spaces of the pan. – Bake uncovered.


Such an easy and healthy - everyone will love it!


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