How to Make Fried Rice With Leftover Ham

~ Sharee


This Garlic Chicken Fried Rice recipe is exactly what you need for that leftover rice and that one last chicken breast in the fridge to create a new meal and avoid a grocery store run!



– About ¼ cup sesame oil – 2 cups diced cooked ham – 3 eggs lightly beaten – 1 cup chopped white onion – 3 large garlic cloves finely chopped – 5 cups of cooked white rice (at least a day old) – ¼ cup soy sauce – 2 teaspoons fish sauce (optional) – 1 teaspoon ground ginger – 2 teaspoons onion powderer – 2 teaspoons onion powder – 1/8 cup diced (chopped) green onion



StepS 1-3

– Add sesame oil to a wok and heat the oil. – Once the oil has become hot, add the cooked ham and cook the ham until the ham has heated through and has slightly browned on the outside. – Remove the ham from the wok.

StepS 4-6

– Add sesame oil to the wok, and allow the grease to get hot. Then, add the eggs to the wok, and cook the eggs until you have well done scrambled eggs. Remove eggs from pan. – Next, add more sesame oil to the pan, and once the oil is hot add the onions and garlic to the wok. Cook the garlic and onions until the onions are translucent in color. Remove the vegetables from the pan. – Add the sesame oil, the rice, soy sauce, fish sauce, ginger, and garlic powder to the wok. Stir the ingredients.

StepS 7-9

– Cook the rice mixture on medium high heat until the rice is a nice golden brown. – After cooking the rice, add the ham, eggs, and green onions to the rice. Stir the rice mixture. – Cook the rice.


– Then serve!


Garlic Chicken Fried Rice

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