Homemade Chili

~ Sharee


This Homemade Hot Dog Chili is super easy to make. You can make this simple recipe it in less than 25 minutes. We don’t use any store-bought packets for this recipe allowing you to control the ingredients that goes into this recipe. 



– 1 pound ground beef – 1 cup tomato sauce or tomato puree – ½ cup chicken broth – ½ teaspoon Spanish paprika – 1 ½ tablespoons cumin ... Swipe up to see the full list!



StepS 1-2

– In a medium sauce pan add your ground beef. Brown the ground beef using medium heat on a stove top. – While the ground beef is browning, mix the seasoning, chicken broth, and tomato puree in a bowl. 

StepS 3-4

– Once the ground beef is cooked through, drain the grease from the cooked beef. – Add the bowl of tomato sauce, broth, and spices, to the pot of cooked ground beef. Stir until well blended. Salt and pepper.

Steps 5-6

– Cook the chili on medium low heat. – Serve on your favorite hotdogs.


– Enjoy!


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