Seafood Stew

~ Sharee


Creamy Seafood Stew has a creamy texture, full of seafood, and has delicious flavor from the blackening seasoning and coconut milk we added to this dish. You can get this one pot meal on the table in 30 minutes!



– extra virgin olive oil – celery stalks chopped – garlic cloves finely chopped – leek the white portion sliced or chopped – red pepper chopped ... Swipe up to see the full list!



StepS 1-2

– Heat large sauce pan using medium high heat. Once the pan is hot, add the olive oil. Then add the leeks, garlic, red peppers and celery to the pan. – Let the vegetables cook for about four to five minutes until soft. Make sure to stir.

StepS 3-4

– Next, add your blackening or creole seasoning, tomato paste and bay leaves to the pot and stir well. – Add the wine and clam juice to the pot and stir until combined. Cook the soup.

StepS 5-6

– Now add the fish and shrimp to the soup mixture and gently stir until well combined. Using medium heat, cook the soup for five minutes or until the fish and shrimp have cooked through. – Turn the heat off and add the coconut milk. Stir until combined.

Step 7

– Add additional creole or blackening seasoning to taste. Salt and pepper the soup mixture to taste. Remove bay leaves and garnish with optional cilantro. Serve immediately.


– Enjoy!


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