Slow Cooker Collard Greens

~ Sharee


Slow Cooker Southern Collard Greens are just as good as they are made on the stove top in that big ole pot.



– fresh collard greens – large garlic cloves finely chopped or pressed – a medium onion diced/chopped – kosher salt ... Swipe up to see the full list!



StepS 1-2

– First, cut up the greens. Do this by removing the stem that runs down the center.  – Stack about 7 leaves on top of one another, roll up the leaves, then slice the leaves into ½ inch thick slices.

StepS 3-5

– Wash the greens thoroughly.  – Place half of the smoked turkey wing at the bottom of the slow cooker. – Place half of the greens in the slow cooker. Place the other piece of the smoked turkey wing on top the greens. 

StepS 6-8

– Place the other half of the greens in the slow cooker. Top the greens with the remaining seasonings and onion. – Add the chicken stock, broth, or water to the slow cooker. – Cover and cook on low until greens are tender. Turn off slow cooker.

Step 9

– Remove smoked turkey wings and shred meat. Add the meat back into the greens, and discard the turkey wing bones.


– Enjoy!


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